THE LADY - Louisa Mignone

A graduate of the Flinders Drama Centre with a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Drama (Honors), Louisa has worked extensively on stage and is especially proud of her own theatre company isthisyours? Louisa’s film and television highlights include Secret City 2, Rake (2,3,4), Miss Fishers Murder Mystery, Fat Tony & Co, My Place, East West 101, Danger 5, Infini, Trust Fund, Two Fists One Heart, Spike Up, the upcoming Channel 7 telemovie Australian Gangster, and Latte e Miele, which she wrote, directed and starred in and which was in official selection for Sydney Flickerfest 2014, also appearing on ABC iView’s Best of Flickerfest series.

As creatives, Louisa and Shannon are both committed to normalizing on screen representations. It is not enough to push for gender balance if the casting choices on our screens continue to be as narrow as they have been in the past.